"The Umbrella Company where Innovation comes from all Directions......
we make ideas WORK!"

Riing Stars Magazine was formed focusing mainly on the Rising Artists, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, etc.  It did not only focused on the music industries. Rising Stars Magazine is about unsigned artists and entrepreneurs of different fields in the entertainment industry. This magazine shines light on the UNDER GROUND hip-hop and R&B nation, recognizing all the talent and skills that individuals have in the society today. Rising Stars Magazine will be takes interviews with Youths, Artists, Entrepreneurs, etc....... regarding their accomplishments. RSM takes it to the streets and keep-it-real so that the readers can understand RSM point of view because Rising Stars Magazine gears to the youths as well as others.
Rising Stars Magazine is dedicated to all ethnics who produce fine wear for people to look good in. With these industries contacting and working with RSM, RSM supports and shows some of their latest styles. Rising Stars has taken this magazine to another level by having many different showcases and events for the community and the youths throughout the five boroughs and beyond with upcoming Concerts, and RSM Award shows and Showcases throughout the tristate areas. Rising Stars Magazine has a face and a place in the hands of the people. RSM opens the eyes to all readers and artists as well as a cultural magazine.